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a little shop with a lot of heart

Step back in time or discover handcrafted whimsy at Piggle and Pop, a Frisco boutique brimming with unique jewelry and enchanting hair accessories.

Unearth vintage treasures from decades past, each piece whispering stories of bygone eras.

From delicate lockets to bold bohemian finds, adorn yourself with timeless elegance or make a statement with a touch of retro flair.

Explore handcrafted floral crowns and hairpins, each blossom meticulously crafted for a touch of ethereal beauty. Whether you seek a one-of-a-kind bridal piece or a conversation-starting vintage gem, Piggle and Pop offers a treasure trove of adornments waiting to be discovered.

Currently based in Frisco, TX USA. Established in 2011, on Etsy (and still going strong!) PiggleAndPop, LLC is a one woman show- owned and operated by Bethan Jayne.

Custom orders are warmly welcomed. Enjoy!

Bethan Jayne

Piggle and Pop, LLC